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Reputation management is a popular term; but in a crisis, it’s not just your reputation , it may be your entire business that’s at stake. A crisis is almost always an opportunity – for example, an acquisition can be a crisis: will customers and employees stay? Will you reap the synergistic value you need to succeed? Effective communications around such events should be anything but ‘business as usual’.

We help organizations manage through a crisis. This means providing the communications expertise, the 24 hour on-call support and the objectivity and communications skills to get through any firestorm.  

We also believe in crisis prevention and planning.  Best-in-class organizations have a documented communications crisis plan as well as operational crisis plans. We can develop those plans and also provide crisis training for potential business threats within an industry. 

Crisis Management Experience

  • Crisis communications planning
  • Investor takeover/lawsuits
  • Employee training
  • Closing a business
  • Union issues
  • Developer/property owner issues
  • Community protests
  • Violence at company site location
  • Abrupt change in management
  • Patient endangerment issues
  • Product recall threat
  • Food industry – consumer risk
  • Health care industry
  • Medical Product industry
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